Gabriela Gomez is a self-taught jewelry designer born in Guadalajara Jal., Mexico and raised in Los Angeles California.  While obtaining a Bachelor's degree from the University of California Los Angeles, Gabriela had the opportunity to study and live in the historical city of Bologna Italy, in which many of her inspirations were born.  Her love and passion for crystals drove her to begin making crystal jewelry and in an attempt to create awareness and bring people closer to the healing properties of crystals, Crystal Amore came to life. "When I discovered the power of crystalsI wanted everyone I loved, friends and family, to carry a crystal with them at all times and that's when I began to put them in jewelry."  The designer's goal of creating awareness through the foundation of Crystal Amore continues to be essential in the process of her work. Although, she recognizes the importance of aesthetics, the most significant aspect of her jewelry is the healing energy that each piece carries. Gabriela's objective is to remain true to her purpose and hopes that her love and passion will be conveyed in her jewelry.